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Nonus Vehicle Tracking Module is a real-time vehicle monitoring and tracking system which allows the localization of the vehicle from 10 to 10 seconds, on a vectorized digital map of streets and roads in Brazil, on the computer screen. It also allows the exchange of bi-directional messages between the vehicle and the company’s or risk manager’s monitoring station. Produced in Brazil, Nonus Vehicle Tracking Module uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite system for localization and the GPRS communication means (GSM data network) for exchanging data between the vehicle and the monitoring station.

The communication through GPRS packet network (data transmission network) provides full coverage, low cost and allows the effective control of the vehicle, in real time. It is a great benefit especially for transportation companies, distribution logistics and fleets in general.

As regards the safety aspects Nonus Vehicle Tracking Module considerably reduces the level of robbery of vehicles as it performs the monitoring from 10 to 10 seconds, therefore, the latest position of the vehicle will be stored at Nonus Vehicle Tracking Module’s HUB, even if the vehicle is hidden in the underground or garages. The GPS precision is lower than 30 meters.

Another important factor is the reduced size of Nonus Vehicle Tracking Module, which is installed unnoticeably inside the vehicle.



Power Supply: 12 or 24 V DC (10 to 30 V DC);

12 channel-GPS Receiver;

Cinterion BSG3 internal modem;

8 bit, 15Mips Risc CPU;

512 Kbyte-Flash Memory;

Adhesive GSM slim antenna;

Active GPS antenna, magnetic base;

Speed Control, odometer;

Ignition Status Control: on/off;

Emergency button;

General use digital inputs;

Digital outputs comprised of: 1A negative logics;

Simple contact outputs NA – 5A;

Simple contact reversible output – 5A;

Message Terminal, alphanumeric keyboard/ LCD video;

Temperature: 0 to 60 °C;

Status transmission every 10 seconds to HUB;

Bi-directional data communication;

Customizable Operating Program;

RS 232 Serial Channel – LCD Keyboard/PDA/ Notebook / Printer/ reader;

Extruded Aluminum box with high mechanical resistance.




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