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In such a competitive market, the purchasing decision between one and another model of equipment relies on the differential offered by each model.

It was considering this fact that Nonus developed and made available in the marketplace of integrators and developers its Kit Slot Reader – a complete solution for capturing check and/or barcode that may be easily incorporated into new projects as well as in developed and finished equipment.

Comprised of an Aluminum Swiping Guide, Barcode Sensor, Magnetic Head and a Decoding Board, Nonus Kit Slot Reader is practical, safe and fully modular, and it may be purchased in 3 ways:

  • Kit Slot N-10 - Check (CMC-7) and bar code reading;
  • Kit Slot N-20 - Check (CMC-7) reading only;
  • Kit Slot N-30 - Barcode Reading Only.

All components of the Nonus Kit Slot Reader may also be purchased separately or in sets assembled in accordance with the needs of each client, and together, the client and Nonus may work to meet the needs of each project.

In addition to documents bearing bar codes and checks the Kit Slot Reader Nonus may also be used to control correct badging identification (plastic cards).



Kit Slot Reader CMC-7 and Barcode

Document Swiping Speed: 30 to 150 cm/s;

Durability: Greater than 1,000,000 readings;

Reading: CMC-7 and/or Barcodes – paper documents or cards;

Dimensions: 93mm(L), 30mm(W), 40(H); Measures in the maximum configuration with decoded reading of CMC-7 and Barcodes. Holdings compatible with the magnetic card readers available in the marketplace.


Decoding Board (the decoding board may be an item inside the product Kit Slot Reader)

Deploying an extremely advanced technology Nonus decoding plate is very small, measuring only 20 mm(W) x 50 mm(L) x 9 mm(H), which makes possible its integration easily with any hardware;

With only 4 integrated circuits its MTBF is much higher than the other boards available in the marketplace, generating greater reliability and lower cost;

TTL Output signal, V-power supply and communication via Keyboard and Serial (RS-232).


Decoding Board

Power supply: 5V / 20mA;

Dimensions: 29 mm(W) X 53.5 mm(L) X 8.5 mm(H);

Microcontroller: High-performance RISC (Firmware developed in C++). Download OnBoard;

Configuration: Through bar code cards or CMC-7;

Decoding: CMC-7 or Barcodes;

Interfaces: RS-232, Via keyboard;

Indicators: Extensor for Led and Beep indicating right reading and misreading.




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